Protect your windscreens, protect your excess

Hayes Parsons has recently started working with the Reep Group, the only nationwide purveyors of detailing, paint protection film and windscreen protection film.  We asked them to tell us a bit about ClearPlex and how it could benefit our clients;

The windscreen product of ClearPlex UK is a recent acquisition of ours but has been around the UK for 2-3 years.  We are seeing an exponential rise in the numbers of premium and Supercar owners who are opting to protect their windscreens.  As some windscreens become thinner (for weight saving) they are chipping easier than ever and in some cases, a replacement screen can cost up to £13k.

Having your screen protected with ClearPlex can help prevent this damage therefore preventing claims and potentially costly excesses.  As well as this, the hassle and concern of having a non-original and ill fitting windscreen can be avoided.  Research shows that repaired windscreens are approximately 30% weaker, and 35% of replaced windscreens suffer future quality or safety issues.  Installing a windscreen protector can protect your screen and your claims excess.

Find out more about the Reep Group and ClearPlex UK here -

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