My week at Hayes Parsons

Over the summer I took the decision to broaden my knowledge of the professional sector by undergoing some work experience. Insurance was something that grabbed my attention owing to its all-encompassing nature; the majority of things in today's world can be insured. With this said, I reached out to Hayes Parsons - one of Bristol's largest independent insurance brokers - who offered me a week’s work experience.
During the course of the week I was given the opportunity to shadow a member of each department which was not only fascinating,  but meant I could decide which area of insurance – be it marine, real estate, technology, terrorism or private client insurance – I might be interested in specialising in.
Despite only spending a week at Hayes Parsons, due to the friendly and accommodating attitude of the staff, I was made not to feel like a number, but a fully integrated member of the team.  It was a real privilege being able to sit in on important meetings such as the Half Year Review in which the current goals of the company were reiterated.
Midway through the week, I was given the task of updating the Hayes Parsons apprenticeship advert, which did not only focus my time on something practical and worthwhile, but also gave me a sense of purpose during my short but busy week. I am proud to say that the final version is now up and running on GOV.UK and will hopefully, attract bright and ambitious talent to the company.
So, what have I brought away from the experience? I have gained a real insight into the world of commercial insurance, boosted my confidence in a professional environment and gained valuable experience to take back to university. 
All in all my conclusions are this: if I did opt to pursue a career in the insurance industry at Hayes Parsons, I would receive fully funded study support to help me complete my qualifications, be given direct access to major clients, whilst being able to work in an energetic, motivational and team-spirited environment.
Thank you Hayes Parsons, Henry Somper

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