4 Reasons Why Bristol Is the Best City in the UK

Over 700,000 people are lucky enough to live in Bristol. It’s a wonderful place to live no matter who you are and what you do.

So, what makes Bristol so great? Let’s take a look at why Bristol is the best city in the UK.

1. Enjoy the History of Bristol

Bristol is home to a lot of different historical sites and sounds. The Clifton Suspension Bridge, for example, is famous around the world. If you’re into architecture, you’ll love admiring the Bristol Cathedral. You can also take a look at buildings like The Red Lodge, Goldney Hall, or St Nicholas’s Almshouses.

There are lots of cultural events and attractions for you to check out, too. Hit up a show at Bristol Old Vic, which opened all the way back in 1766. Bristol is also home to a wonderful annual film festival, the Bristol Harbour Festival, the International Balloon Fiesta, and of course Bristol Pride. 

2. Discover the Great Outdoors

If you love being outside, Bristol is a great choice for you. You can walk through the city or take yourself out to the countryside. Bristol certainly benefits from its picturesque location on the River Avon.

Plus, Bristol is a great location for bicycle fans. It was declared the first cycling city in the United Kingdom in 2008, because of its plethora of cycling routes and other infrastructure.

3. Plenty of Work

Those who are searching for work have lots of options in Bristol. This is particularly true for people working in creative fields as both the BBC and Channel 4 have a base in Bristol.

There’s also a strong tech industry in Bristol so there are a number of job opportunities in engineering or computing. Bristol was recently named one of the UK’s top tech hubs, so it’s the place to be in you work in this industry!

4. Education

Bristol is a worldwide centre for education and has top-notch universities. The University of Bristol is known around the world and the University of the West of England is also a popular option for higher education.

It also has good schools for students in lower years, as well. Those who are planning on raising a family in the near future should certainly put Bristol on their list of options.

Clearly, there are a lot of things that make Bristol the best city in the UK. So, if you’re thinking of moving here, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

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