Legal Indemnities

Flexible, bespoke solutions for property developers, solicitors, conveyancers, lenders and surveyors

The Hayes Parsons team have experience arranging cover for all manner of large and complex legal indemnity risks

Freehold restrictive covenants

Land registered with possessory title / good leasehold title​

Lack of access or easement for services​

Mines and minerals

Land subject to rights of way/reservation of rights​

Abortive planning costs insurance

Adverse possession

Village green registration

Judicial review

Rights of light

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Online solution for residential and commercial property transactions

Our online system for solicitors and conveyancers provides a choice of legal indemnity quotes for residential and commercial property transactions in England and Wales. 

This offers a compliant and consistent approach to sourcing legal indemnity quotations across your practice with clear product information enabling your clients to make an informed choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Indemnity policies are designed to return the insured to the same financial position that they were in before the claim occurred. This means that the policy will usually cover

  • Loss of value in the property
  • Defence and settlement costs
  • Abortive costs
  • Loan interest
  • Professional fees


It is possible to include other many other potential losses on a bespoke basis.

It is possible in many cases to insert an escalator clause into a policy which increases the Limit of Indemnity over time, often in line with inflation but sometimes at a set rate of increase. These clauses do not act on a policy indefinitely however, so a policy that is historic may benefit from a review and the limit may need to be increased to reflect the growth in value.

An indemnity by definition is designed to put the insured in the same financial position that they were in before the event, so no, the profit element is usually excluded. There can be allowance made for this as an extension to the policy in some cases.

In many cases, insurers will offer cover before planning is applied for allowing the project risk to be reduced. These policies are particularly useful for transactions involving option agreements and land promotion giving protection when it is most needed.

We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible as we know how fast paced property transactions often are. Straightforward cases can be arranged within a matter of hours, however bespoke policies can take a few days. If you have an urgent requirement, please let us know. We have strong relationships with insurers and can meet almost all client deadlines.

There are two reasons to choose a broker over dealing with insurers directly

  1. Advice – Brokers are able to offer advice to their clients whereas insurers simply offer their products to the market. A good broker will ensure that your risk is correctly covered and advise you of the differences between policy terms. We source and advise on legal indemnity policies every day.
  2. Time – A good broker will manage the process of sourcing terms and negotiating with insurers meaning that your time is not wasted chasing up insurers.

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"Above and beyond expectations"

“Mark and the team at Hayes Parsons have guided our small school to several improvements in our insurance cover whilst also cutting our costs. Questions are dealt with promptly and comprehensively based on the very latest guidance and knowledge. We are in a stronger position for our relationship with Hayes Parsons and I am very pleased to be working with them.”

Catriona - Customer

“Excellent customer service, extremely knowledgable”

“Adam took the time to understand my business, its current activities and our plans for the future. He used this information to make me aware of the value of various insurance products beyond the Professional Indemnity Insurance I had originally sought and helped me understand the value to my business of each without ever pushing me to procure anything. He responded quickly to all my queries and ensured I had a full understanding of each insurance product. I highly recommend Adam's services, particularly to rapidly growing businesses.”

Eleanor Akers - Customer

“Great company, great employees”

“We have dealt with Darren at Hayes Parsons for many years and the services he has given has been second to none. Working in the very fast paced environment of marine civil engineering, with equipment and vessels being on and off hired at very short notice, Darren has never let us down in procuring cover for tricky to insure specialist marine equipment in a very time sensitive manner.”

Roger Full - Customer