Brexit Insurance Update

With only one month to go, it is possible we will leave the Brexit transition period with no deal. If this happens there are potential insurance implications for you either as a business, charity or as a private client. The below is a brief summary of points you should consider. Should a deal be announced in the coming weeks it is worth checking these points to see if they have been amended by the deal or not. As and when there are updates Hayes Parsons will post additional blogs on our website.

If you have need anymore assistance or have any additional questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual Hayes Parsons team member.

Motoring in Europe

In the event of a no deal, motor insurance customers wishing to drive their vehicle to the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), Andorra, Serbia or Switzerland, will have to obtain a Green Card. A Green Card is an international certificate of motor insurance that is accepted in countries which are part of the Green Card scheme. Green Cards can now be printed on white paper and can be sent to you electronically. Those traveling by road must print their Green Card as an electronic document will not be accepted. Green Cards will be required for each individual vehicle and for trailers over 750kgs or which are braked which means you may need a separate Green Card for caravans and trailers. This applies to both private and commercial vehicles.

We advise you to request Green Cards early if you require them for January, as insurers may take some time to issue them. If you require a Green Card for a trailer, we shall need a unique reference number which can be obtained here.

Travelling in Europe

The European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) entitles individuals to state-provided medical treatment in EU countries as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The EHIC is not a substitute to travel insurance as it does not cover all medical costs, or the cost of emergency repatriation.

The EHIC may no longer be valid in the event of a no deal. Some have chosen not to buy travel insurance in Europe in the past because of the EHIC, however if they are no longer valid suitable travel insurance is even more important.

Property or business in Europe

Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers can still assist you with business or property in the EU including holiday homes, yachts, offices and business and leisure travel. However, ‘freedom of services’ is ending and without an equivalent regime, there will be certain activities Hayes Parsons is no longer able to do. As these are quite complicated rules, please get in touch with your usual Hayes Parsons contact if you have questions on whether we can still assist you after a no deal Brexit or else we shall be in contact if we feel you are affected.