Covid-19 blog; Risk management tips for renovations

In line with government guidelines to control the spread of coronavirus, it is likely that any renovation works being carried out have had to reach a temporary halt.

In the first instance you should contact us to discuss your ongoing responsibilities and compliance with any specific conditions.

Risk management is equally important to consider, mitigating the potential of any damage throughout the period of non-activity, whilst ensuring that the works are in a safe state.

A list of key risk management tips are provided below in accordance with the insurance covers commonly associated with the construction trade.


  • Secure all access points to the building or site where possible (including entrances and accessible windows)
  • Drain the water systems to prevent potential escape of water, which is one of the most common claims made during a period of unoccupancy
  • Switch electricity off at the mains (unless to maintain ongoing security) Keep building clear of combustible materials, again where possible
  • Try to visit the building or site at least once a week, and make alternative arrangements to do so if not personally possible

Contract Works

  • Where possible, try to lock all materials within secured buildings or hide them from public view
  • Safely securely store any gas bottles
  • Keep the building or site clear of combustibles where possible

Third party liability

  • Secure the site where possible, to minimise the chance of unauthorised access
  • Consider the use of CCTV signage posters, again to discourage and minimise unauthorised access


  • Ensure that contents and plant are kept in a securely locked building
  • Any property that is kept in an unattended vehicle must be done so out of public view, with all access points securely locked

Further information can be found on our coronavirus hub. Or if you need anymore help get in touch with the Hayes Parsons team on [email protected] or 0117 929 9381.