Insuring Exeter Historic Building Trust

Exeter Historic Building Trust (EHBT) has been rescuing and restoring properties since 1996 and exists to preserve old heritage buildings and structures in the area. The trust was originally founded to rescue the former refectory wing of the 11th century Benedictine monastery of St Nicholas Priory.


21 The Mint was officially opened in June 2002 to represent the former Refectory wing of the 11th Century Benedictine Priory of St Nicholas founded on the authority of William the Conqueror.

Historically, the monks lived, worked and prayed there for 450 years, with building and re-building continuing throughout, as funds permitted. Much of what we see today dates from their major re-building of the 15th century.

It was discovered in 1995 that the refectory wing of St Nicholas Priory was on the English Heritage Buildings at Risk register. The following year EHBT was founded and a feasibility study was commissioned. The study resulted in the Heritage Lottery, English Heritage, other trusts and the local community securing large grants for EHBT. The trust was able to secure a 125 year lease. It took a lot of hard work and effort to restore the building due to many difficulties and setbacks regarding requirements that needed to be met but was eventually completed and open to the public seven years later.


Recently in 2016, EHBT began to plan for a community asset transfer of St Nicholas Priory from Exeter City Council to EHBT so that the public could visit and make use of the historic building.

The former Refectory range of the 11th century St Nicholas Priory now includes a beautiful first-floor apartment and a house over three storeys with many historic features and is tenanted. The Trust retains the courtyard (former cloister) garden as well as the large room under the 15th-century arch-braced roof as one of the most unique office spaces and conference rooms.

The Priory also has plenty of events, shows and organised tours coming up as we approach Christmas so make sure you don’t miss out! Find out more here – .

How have Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers helped Exeter Heritage Building Trust?

As the preferred insurance broker and risk advisor to the Heritage Trust Network (HTN) and their members, our team have the experience and knowledge to understand the unique requirements of listed buildings. Hayes Parsons has helped Exeter Heritage Building Trust by identifying and selecting an insurer with experience of listed property and heritage assets. We have enjoyed working closely with EHBT to ensure that the appropriate basis of cover for irreplaceable belongings is in place whilst also making sure the Trust could comply with all policy conditions. As a member of the Heritage Trust Network we were also delighted to provide EHBT with a one-off rebate of £100 towards their HTN membership.

If you would like to found out how Hayes Parsons can help with your heritage property or project, get in touch with our specialist insurance broker, Alex O’Donnell on 0117 930 1651 or [email protected]