Insuring unique or adventurous holidays

Sailing down the Amazon River, hiking across the frozen tundra of the Antarctic, scaling ancient temples in Cambodia – these are just a handful of options for your next exotic, adventurous holiday. But because these are not conventional holiday destinations or activities, they carry unique risks that may not be covered by your standard travel insurance. Therefore, before embarking on your next unique or adventurous holiday, ensure that your travel policy accurately reflects whatever risks may be present on your trip.

Staying safe on unique holidays

In addition to the financial protection and peace of mind that travel insurance can provide, you need to prepare yourself for the risks unique to your destination. Regardless of where you plan to visit, schedule a visit with your GP six to eight weeks before you leave to ensure that you are healthy enough for all of your holiday activities and to identify any potential health risks., In additional to a physical, do the following:

  • Schedule an appointment to receive the standard immunisations and immunisations of diseases common to your destination (cholera, diphtheria, typhoid, etc.)
  • Research your destination to identify hazards such as insects, animals and water safety

Don’t forget to pack travel cover

Just as each holiday experience is unique to the destination and travellers, each travel insurance policy must be tailored to reflect the trip’s activities – both adventurous and routine. The standard travel insurance policy provides reimbursement and cover for situations including:

  • Trip cancellation, delay or interruption
  • Personal liability or accident
  • Medical treatment or evacuation
  • Accidental death
  • Lost or stolen items
  • Legal expenses

However, high-risk activities or sport – such as skydiving, deep sea-diving, and skiing – are not typically covered and must be added to your policy. And the exact definition for high-risk activities or sport can change, so consult your policy to be sure.