Open garden events: think safety

As lockdown restrictions ease and we head towards summer, are you thinking of opening your garden to the public for summer fetes, charity events or garden schemes this year?

Whilst there are many advantages of hosting Open Garden events, you should consider the repercussions of having a large group of people in your home. You will be responsible for the safety of both volunteers and visitors at your event.

Prior to your event, you will need to speak to your insurance broker about getting a suitable insurance policy in place. By doing this, you will be covered for potential incidents such as:

  • Slips and trips
  • Damage to your home
  • Theft
  • Risks surrounding swimming pools, ponds and uneven grounds
  • Damage to hired equipment
  • Weather damage

How do I keep organisers, volunteers and participants safe?

The correct insurance policy will provide cover for the incidents listed above. However, you should still be thinking ahead and focus on risks that could cause real harm to prevent any nasty accidents from happening.

These are some of the things you may need to consider:

  • The layout of the event to ensure people and vehicles can move about safely
  • The number of people attending the event including managing entrances and exits to prevent overcrowding
  • Keeping the venue free from slip and trip hazards
  • Not taking unnecessary risks when putting up large marquees or tents
  • Electrical safety: for example, if you are using mains voltage outside use a ‘trip device’ to ensure that the current is promptly cut off if contact is made with any live part
  • First aid arrangements

Don’t forget you should always ensure you are following lockdown and social distancing guidelines. Remember to check the latest Government advice before planning your event.

By considering the above points and having robust safety plans in place, you can rest assured that your Open Garden guests are safe and will enjoy the event.

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