What's your attitude to risk?

Everyone's attitude to risk is different.  However, it is our belief that managing risk in order to help reduce insurance claims is imperative to allow you to achieve the most competitive insurance premiums.

Sensible risk management will help you to comply with legal obligations, such as health and safety legislation, avoid financial losses from those risks that you have chosen (or are not possible) to insure against, and can give you a competitive advantage.

Our specialist broker teams will begin with an assessment of your risk to ensure that you will receive a completely bespoke approach designed solely for you and your needs.

We provide risk management advice and support in three ways.

Ongoing Support and Advice


Our clients make over 500 claims a year so we have knowledge of claims statistics that support our work in reducing risk, allowing us to alert you to claims themes, which are relevant to you.  We will notify you of changes in legislation, working practices and other regulations that affect you as and when they occur.

Each team member is experienced in considering the risks facing your business, and understanding of what can be transferred to insurance policies, and what can be managed through sound risk advice and support.

Risk Management Consultancy

In conjunction with our partners, Risk Source, we provide a full risk management consultancy service.  Risk Source consultants have extensive experience of working with organisations to understand the broad array of risks facing businesses.  These can include claims defensibility, business continuity planning, product issues and property loss prevention work, among many others.  This service is charged on a daily or hourly basis, although it is worth talking to us at the same time as your insurance quotation to see if we are able to provide any support from the insurance provider, who will of course benefit from your commitment to reducing risk.  We will also sometimes make use of Risk Source when preparing quotations to carry out an initial review of your risk management procedures and understand where we can help in building a programme of risk management support for you over an extended period of time.

Credit Risk Analyser


We are delighted to provide you with free access to Credit Risk Analyser from Euler Hermes which will provide you with valuable insights in to your own client portfolio. CRA reports include:

  • Average Customer Rating - Provides the average rating of customers based on probability of default prediction
  • Customer Breakdown - Find out where customers sit within the risk rating scale
  • Customer & Sector Concentration - Quickly see if you have any customer or sector concentration risk
  • Turnover at Risk - A unique risk rating algorithm find out how much of your turnover is at risk over the next few 12 months

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