Rolex Watch Insurance

Whether you have just bought your first Rolex or already have a Rolex collection, these watches are sure to be your pride and joy. From vintage models to the latest releases, they are also sure to be expensive.

Many are handed down through generations, adding an extra layer of sentimental value. For most people, they will be too valuable to risk losing.

Unfortunately, their value makes them a prime target for street robbers and burglars alike. Earlier this year, it was reported that £30 million worth of luxury watches are stolen annually in London alone.

While there are sensible precautions you can (and should) take, with statistics like that you are going to want to look at Rolex watch insurance if you own one.

Do I need insurance for my Rolex?

There is, of course, no law requiring you to insure your Rolex watch in the UK, as in practice there is for homes and cars. But many owners will want to, as even basic models will cost a few thousand pounds, and examples in high demand, or ones with precious metals and stones, may cost much more.

As well as the risk of theft – inside or outside the home – there is also the risk of accidental damage or loss.

Paying a small outlay every year for Rolex watch insurance in the UK to protect your asset against all these risks is an easy decision to make for most owners.

Ways to insure your Rolex?

Some people may take for granted that their Rolex will be covered by their home and contents insurance. This is only partly true.

For starters, such policies will normally have a low single item value limit such as £1,500. Add to this that most home insurance policies will not, as standard, cover theft or loss of personal items outside the home (or accidental damage).

If your insurer will allow, you may be able to get around these with modifications to the policy for specified items like valuable watches, but these could considerably increase your premiums.

The alternative is to speak to an insurance broker and get specialist insurance cover for your Rolex watch.

This would often take the form of a bespoke insurance policy specifically for your watch collection and can also include jewellery and other brand watches. The cover can be amended to suit your needs and can protect your prized possessions inside and away from your home, against risks including theft, loss and damage.

Obtaining an insurance quote for your Rolex

We have a specialist team which arranges insurance for collections of valuable watches like Rolexes, as well as jewellery and artworks. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and get a no-obligation insurance quotation.

Most-Asked Questions

Can you insure a Rolex watch?

Yes, you can insure Rolex watches. It is sensible to get insurance for valuable watches given the risks of theft, loss or accidental damage.

How much to insure a Rolex watch?

The value of Rolex watches can vary considerably, which means that so too can the insurance quote. You can easily find out how much it costs to insure a Rolex watch or Rolex collection by providing a few details to your insurance broker.

How to insure a Rolex watch?

You can get great value bespoke insurance policies for your collection of watches or jewellery or for some insurers you can pay extra to add the cover to your existing home and contents insurance policy.

How can I keep my watch safe?

Whether you are insured or not it is important to make efforts to keep your watch safe. Think about when and where you wear it, and never leave it unattended in an insecure location. An insurance broker can help advise you on best practice for keeping your Rolex safe.

Why is having a Rolex valuation important?

It is important to get a Rolex valuation so that you are adequately covered by your insurance policy. Rolexes can appreciate in value significantly meaning that you may not have enough cover to purchase a replacement if it is not accurately valued.

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