Top 5 tips for devising a contents inventory for homeowners

As a homeowner you’re probably already prepared for emergencies like fires, floods and theft. But does your preparation include an inventory of your contents?

In the middle of your disaster recovery process, when you’re not sure how much you’ve lost or how much you owned in the first place, a contents inventory will save you heaps of stress and time!

Here are 5 steps to create a contents inventory:

1. Make a list of all your contents

You should always make a list on a room-by-room basis noting all contents items with their replacement cost and when you buy or receive new items, add them to your list. Inform your insurer of expensive items as well as clothing, outdoor items, and contents stored in the attic or basement. Take a look at our handy guide to help you make your list.

2. Save copies of your inventory

Ensure you make a digital copy of your inventory that is password protected and can be accessed easily and regularly.

3. Update your valuation

Valuations should be updated every 3 years for jewellery and watches and 5 years for art and antiques. Most private client insurance contracts will provide some funding for specialist valuations. Speak to your insurance broker to find out more.

4. Keep photographs and receipts of your contents

Where possible safely store purchase receipts and photographs of your contents. Don’t forget to do this for your jewellery and watches, fine art and antiques!

5. Have an insurance broker visit your house

Ask your insurance broker to visit your property and assist with building your contents inventory. At Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers we have plenty of experiencing assisting with what can be a daunting task. Post-Covid, our team will be able to make personal client visits again and will be more than happy to visit and help advise on your inventory. In the meantime, our Private Client Account Executive, Dan Hart, can provide this service virtually via the use of Zoom or Microsoft Teams video call.

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