FAQ for Private Client (updated 14 May 2021)

I am now working from home; do I need to inform my insurers?

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has confirmed that you don’t need to advise your insurer/broker if you are working from home for clerical purposes.  If your work involves any manual element then please do contact us, as certain insurers may have additional queries.

If you are working from home and receiving visitors to your home on business matters, you should contact us. In some cases, there may be some restrictions in cover, such as loss of money and theft being excluded unless there is evidence of forcible and violent entry to the property.

Due to current restrictions, my property will be left unoccupied for more than the 30 or 60 day limit on my policy.  Will it still be covered?

Insurers will be taking a pragmatic approach to individuals who are unable to return to their property within the timescales set out in their policy.  However, you should contact us in the first instance to obtain advice on this issue.

Do I need to inform my motor insurers that I’m using my car for voluntary work?

The ABI has confirmed that if you are using your own car for voluntary purposes to transport medicines or groceries to support others who are impacted by Covid-19, your cover will not be affected. You do not need to update us if this is the case.  This applies to all categories of NHS Volunteer Responders, including transporting patients, equipment, or other essential supplies.

I am a key worker; do I need to advise my motor insurers?

If your work is critical to the national response to Covid-19 and you need to use your own car to drive to different locations for work purposes because of the impact of Covid-19, the ABI has confirmed that cover will not be affected.  You do not need to update us.

If I have to self-isolate and need someone to drive my car to the shop to pick up supplies for me, will they be insured?

You should contact us and have the individual added them to your policy as a named driver.  If the person who is helping you has car insurance that includes a “Driving Other Cars” extension and they use your car with your permission, they can drive your car. However, they will only have third-party cover and “Driving Other Cars” is intended for short-term emergency use. This means that damage to your vehicle caused by this individual will not be insured.


If I have to drive to work now instead of getting public transport, will my car insurance still be valid?

If you have to drive to your workplace because of the impact of Covid-19, the ABI has confirmed that cover will still be valid.  You do not need to update us.

If I have to self-isolate or don’t need to use my car, can I pause my insurance?

It is a legal requirement to have valid car insurance unless you register your vehicle off the road and apply for a SORN.  Different insurers have different processes for these situations.  If you want to keep your car but won’t drive it for a while, please contact us and we will discuss the various options and permutations.


What should I do about travelling?

You should check the government website for the latest advice on travelling before booking any holidays.  It is unlikely that new travel policies taken out will cover cancellation costs relating to Covid-19.  The ABI website includes a useful guide on travel insurance.


My travel insurance is due for renewal shortly, what are the implications?

Insurers are generally tending to apply exclusions relating to Covid-19 either from renewal or for a new policy.  However, this would not generally impact any trips already booked if you were to renew with the same insurer.  Therefore, if you have any trips booked which may be affected, we’d strongly recommend renewing with your existing insurer where possible to ensure that you maintain cover if required.  We’d also recommend you make us aware of trips booked but not yet cancelled, for us to ensure that cover remains in place after renewal for cancellation and travel delay.

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